15 thoughts on “The deed is done.

  1. I know some people may disagree with me, but I am of the opinion that if one does not vote (aka, speak), you have lost the right to complain about the government. Voting is a citizen's way of speaking. Whether you believe your vote counts or not, vote. Speak. Otherwise, you are letting someone else speak for you.

  2. IMHO, that is some stupid rule +Sandy B.
    If you have a suspicion of fraud or anything like that how can you actually prove it ? Or maybe even relate that to the authorities.

  3. You and don't see the harm. But various election boards have pushed for it be illegal, so that no one has proof of when their vote is changed against their will.

    tin foil hat firmly attached

  4. Rules aren't meant to be questioned…they are meant to be followed (Scott likely knows but for everyone else… I am using the as yet unavailable sarcasm font here).

  5. Let me clarify my post for any law enforcement officials just in case there is a silly law out there.

    This is a photo shopped image of the voting booth. 🙂

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