New Browser.

I just discovered a new web browser called “FLOCK

Supposedly, it lets you post to your blog with one click and lets you drag and drop photos from your flickr account directly into any html area.

So, here’s a test post with a test image.

It worked like a charm… and, it looks like it’s pretty easy to go back and edit a post too.

This browser might just be worth keeping around for it’s Blog potential.

ATM’s with English Accents

I drove up to an ATM yesterday with Charlie. What was odd, is that after I put my card in, a female voice started speaking to me… with an English accent. Last I checked, I was over 4000 miles from the UK. I guess we must trust the English more with our money than our neighbors.  Anyway, I’m getting off the point…

So, the bank machine was talking to me, At the end of the transaction, the voice said “Thank-You!” (in an English accent!)

Goofing around with Charlie, I threw out a big “Your Welcome!”

Charlie asked “Dad, why did you say that?”

At this point I thought that maybe I could have a little fun with Charlie and convince him that there was somebody in the ATM machine talking to me.

“I was just being polite! I was just telling that little person who works in the ATM, ‘Your Welcome’.”

Slight Pause

“Dad, there isn’t anyone inside there. That’s a program talking. It’s full of technology. There are just a bunch of wires inside.” after another slight pause “I see technology everywhere.”

“Are you sure Charlie? Because it really sounds like there’s a person in there.”

“I’m sure. There’s just technology in there.”

Great, my 5 year old son has found his inner geek.


I have Mozilla Firefox installed on most of the machines in our office. I was working with one of the sales reps today and she told me she couldn’t get her Godzilla to open as she pointed to the Mozilla Firefox icon.

I love moments like these. 🙂

The Godzilla of Browsers

Oh, and I definitely recommend Godzila… errr I mean MOZILLA Firefox over that other brand.

Install it and see for yourself – just click the link below. Oh, by clicking the link below and installing it you will earn me $1.00 too! I’ll buy you a beer next time I see you! 🙂


This email was in my inbox when I got home tonight.

“Well it had to happen sOMETIME I THINK I ScrewED UP MY LAP TOP I Spilled glue on the left sIDE OF MY KEY BOARD NOW i get indicriminate letter flucuation’s UPPER AND LOWer casE Words IF THIS contin ues MY CUStomers Will thin i have a sEVERE CASe of a. d.d. this IS not going to wORK FOR ME IF THIS connot be deglued i wILL NEED A NEW L T”

I HOPE this is a joke. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

Co-comment – cool new tool for blogging!

If you happen to like to comment on other blogs (which I do), but hate that there is no easy way to keep track of replies to your comments (which I hate), then there is a new tool in development that you’ll love. It’s called cocomment, it’s in beta right now, but I was lucky enough to get an invite.

Go register for an invite and check them out… Go… Now.

If you get an invite to cocomment, make sure to go out and install the greasemonkey script too. This makes the process even better. Check it out at

The next time you search the web…

Let the searcher beware…

There are 4 companies that decide what content you will see when you search the web. They were responsible for 98.7% of the search results delivered in the U.S. in November of 2005.

These companies decide what websites are the most important. They get to tell YOU what sites to look at. Unless you are one of the few who look past the first 30 or so results, you are being driven to the websites THEY choose.

Here is the percentage breakdown:
1. Google (39.8%)
2. Yahoo (29.5%)
3. Microsoft (14.2%)
4. AskJeeves (6.5%)
5. AOL (AOL uses Google’s Results) (8.7%)

Try and run to another search engine for a different option, I dare you.

Don’t run to AOL or Netscape!
Google provides the primary search results for AOL and Netscape (owned by AOL).

Forget Altavista, All the Web, and Inktomi!
Yahoo OWNS Altavista, All the Web (FAST) and Inktomi.

Teoma and IWon won’t help, and neither will Lycos or Hotbot!
AskJeeves OWNS Teoma and IWon,
AskJeeves provides the primary search results to Lycos and Hotbot (owned by Lycos).

What about Excite, Dogpile, Metacrawler and Webcrawler?
These Infospace owned meta search engines get their results by searching the top results of the big boys. So you get a smooshed up version of Google’s, Yahoo’s, MSN’s, and AskJeeve’s search results.

So, next time you search for a human skull toilet brush holder, you can be sure that one of these search giants has decided what sites you will visit

Ever see a laptop bounce?

Me neither. They don’t bounce, they just kind of hit the ground with a sudden stop and a sickening thud.

At least that’s the sound my laptop made when I picked up my unzipped laptop case tonight. I watched my Sony VAIO fall about two feet right on the front of it’s case. After a quick prayer I picked it up.

The fall popped out the left side of the keyboard, shot the battery out, and broke the clips that keep the laptop closed. I pushed the keyboard down, replaced the battery and started it up. It started without a problem and after a quick test, everything seems fine. Unfortunately, there isn’t much I can do about the broken clips except buy some duct tape.

I had a similar accident about a month ago, except it was a three foot fall and it landed in the parking lot at work beside my car. I can still hear the sound of plastic sliding across concrete. Yeah, my laptop has road rash.

Any way, writing this post is a pretty good testimonial for the Sony VAIO PCG-GR300K. Still working like a champ after nearly two and a half years of HEAVY use and two not so gentle falls.

(Maybe Sony will give me FREE stuff for writing this!)