The end of the happy meal.

A date to remember. On May 26th, 2011, while sitting at the McDonald’s order window, Charlie came to the conclusion that he would prefer to have a double cheeseburger instead of a Happy Meal.

My boy is growing up, he just outgrew Happy Meals.

Raising a Boy.

Last night while sitting at the kitchen table, I heard Charlie shout from the bathroom, ”Dad!”

“What Charlie?”

“Dad, you have to come see this giant turd!”

Yeah, 100% boy.

(oh, and he was right, it was huge.)


Mother’s Day.


Charlie and I took Lori to dinner at Flannigan’s for Mothers Day this year.

While we were eating dinner, the greeter came to the table and offered Lori a special Mother’s Day carnation.

Lori smelled it and then offered it to Charlie to smell. Charlie took a big whiff, then looked at it and said “I wonder how long until it dies?”

Kinda kills the moment.

Printing Money.

Charlie just asked;

“Is printing money illegal?”

“yep charlie, it sure is.”

“Dang, I sure wish it wasn’t. We could print 1′s, 10′s, and 100′s!”

Everyone always talks to their kids about drinking, drugs and sex, but who takes the time to explain counterfeiting is bad too.